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Tuesday, May 6, 2014


An Amazon free download. Glad I found another author whom I like for mystery/murder genre. The style of writing is for me a bit abrupt but I guess I have to get used to that. It maybe another style of writing!

A reporter finds out that his professor has committed suicide. He is not assigned to report on the case but he is distressed as he felt that this man would be the last person to commit suicide. Talking to the daughter it affirms his belief because she feels that her father was murdered.  Trying to get some information on the case, Hyder finds that he is very firmly told to lay off the case and go investigate and report on something else or else!  When obstacles are thrown in his way as well as getting dismissed for no real reason, Hyder knows that he is onto something.

That it involves a bigger scenario than what he can handle and knowing that his adversaries are using the fact that he is a Muslim American to their advantage by bringing in a terrorist angle is frustrating and difficult. Add to the story a drunk detective  who is trying to come back to the land of the living after being drunk for months and another detective boss who knows his worth and is trying to keep his job open for him despite orders from everywhere to get rid of him.

An easy read with a well developed story and nice characters.

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  1. Mystica, thanks for the tip. I have not heard of this writer and I don't know where he is from, perhaps Asia/Middle East. This sounds like a nice little murder mystery.