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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Murder on Thames by Matthew Costello & Neil Richards

This book was sent to me courtesy of JKS Communications (Bastel  Entertainment) via Netgalley.
Thanks Netgalley.

Cherringham is a quiet town where nothing very exciting happens. Sarah has moved back home with her two teenage children, trying to get her life together after her marriage has broken up. Jack is a retired NYPD detective who seeks solace in this quiet backwater, trying to come to terms with the death of his wife to cancer.

The discovery of a body in the weir of Sammi a former friend of Sarah sets Sarah reminiscing about their former close friendship and the sadness that life was so tragic for Sammi that she has taken her own life. Sammi has had a reputation for rough living so most people in the town are not surprised at the way Sami ended her days. Jack however has proof that Sammi was murdered and he and Sarah join hands to discover who was the murderer. Despite skepticism on the part of the local police, antagonism on the part of the rather insular village and annoyance on the part of Sarah's daughter who imagines romance in the air and is protective of her mother against the much older Jack, both Sarah and Jack are determined to get to the truth.

Painting the British police in a rather bad light as bumbling idiots who could not deduce simple detective methods used, Jack and Sarah engage in a methodical system of deduction and elimination, until they are left with a single suspect.

This was a straightforward murder mystery simply and matter of factly told.

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