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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

The Daughter of Time by Josephine Tey

The Daughter of Time (Inspector Alan Grant #5)

I have had this author on my TBR list for years. Never found a book upto now. I now have this site called Open Library and they have all the books I have been looking for!!! I just download and away I go. I tried to read this on audio but I found the sameness of tone throughout the reading monotonous and switched it off. 

A detective story with historical fiction in full overload. I've not come across the mix of genres before and I doubt anyone could do it more justice than this author. 

Alan Grant of Scotland Yard is laid up after an accident (after ignominiously falling down a hole in pursuit of a robber). He is laid up. He is not a good patient either. To assuage the boredom that is heavy on him, he takes on the very cold case of Richard III. The wicked uncle who did away with his two innocent nephews. 

From a hospital bed with nothing other than voluminous books on history (from different angles of course) he pieces together the story of the much maligned Richard III. You (definitely myself) are convinced that Richard was innocent of many of the heinous crimes attributed to him. By a series of deductions and methodology of timing of events Allan is able to put together a totally different picture which would send all history books into a tailspin.

How much is historically accurate I wouldn't know but the book kept me so engrossed that I had to finish it in one sitting. All the work scheduled for this morning has gone by the way!

For anyone with a love of English history coupled with detective skills this is the book for you. Now that I have Open Library at my beck and call every book seems a possibility. 


  1. Sounds good :) And I do wonder who killed the boys

  2. My history teacher at high school recommended this and I was totally swept away with how history could be shaken up like that and all the pieces rearranged AND in the form of a detective story. I haven't re-read it for years, and I probably should.