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Thursday, April 17, 2014


Hawthorne Author Sarah Ballance

Noah has never forgotton Emma. I also did not know it was a ghost story till the end. Maybe because I do not read much of this genre I was quite unaware of what was happening!

The story proceeds with Noah at the Hawthorne Manor discovering a document that may cost him everything. The house is full of secrets but this document that he discovers will allow Emma to walk away free but the cost to Noah was immeasurable.

Emma returns home only because of her grandmother passing away. She hopes to find peace and closure and discovers an old love, a very mixed up family history and a wrong that she only can set right.

This is a ghost story also a love story dealing with two characters and you want them to reunite and be together. The ending is brilliant. I was not the only one who was stupefied by it!

This was another free Amazon download. I have been very lucky with the free downloads. Have got so many good reads.


  1. I'm glad you enjoyed this. Guess I missed when it was free.

  2. This sounds so good, and I missed it as well.

  3. I was lucky and got this one while it was free. Nice that the free books are turning out to be really good reads :)