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Thursday, March 27, 2014


Murder, She Wrote: The Queen's Jewels

Jessica Fletcher has always wanted to cruise. To relax, to take a couple of sessions in the luxurious spa and generally to forget about the daily chores and worries. Before embarking on this voyage, she calls her good friend at Scotland Yard to apprise him of her plans. He does mention the loss of a fabulous diamond and that during the heist the owner of the diamond was also killed. From his description it is obvious also that whoever killed the owner was well known to him as there was no sign of forced entry.

Jessica embarks on her journey and soon meets up with a mixed bunch of characters. Coincidentally one of the people is the partner of the man who was murdered along with his partner the very beautiful Betty. Along with them are myriad other characters including people from Jessica's own past who are connected to various mysteries that she had solved before. It seems too much of a coincidence that all these people should be on one ship, including not just the British secret service but even a member of the Israeli secret service. 

The book follows the usual pattern of murder mystery and though very predictable is a very pleasant read. Just enough of mystery and murder not too much to overpower you and enough twists in the tale to keep you interested.

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