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Tuesday, March 18, 2014


Sisters Of Mercy

We have two sisters separated as children. Neither one knows of the others existence till decades later. The sisters cannot be more different in character either. 

We have one - cold, cynical, inhuman almost and the other a loving grandmother and mother who just wanted to reach out and know a sister. The story line is excellent. How Ruby born in Australia along with Snow gets separated at an orphanage, gets sent to England makes a wonderful life for herself there and then discovers that she did have a family - a father who obviously never forgot her and who kept an inheritance for her back in Australia and a sister she had never seen. How she makes the trek back to Australia just to meet her sister and see where her parents lived is the beginning of the story. 

Told mostly in a series of letters whilst in prison, Snow recounts her years from the time she was a child to a journalist telling her side of the story. She does not come out of this very nicely and the more one reads, the more one can be horrified how such a person seemed to have got away with what she did for so long until the authorities discovered that things were not quite right. 

Even though the story is an excellent one, the fact that there was no definitive ending and I was left hanging in the balance left me feeling very disappointed. Either with a "happily ever after" or a sad ending I like to know what happens and this left me feeling flat. 

Just days to go before I leave Melbourne for Sri Lanka and trying to read as much as I can!


  1. I haven't heard of this book, but it sounds fascinating. Sorry you were frustrated by the inconclusive ending though...

  2. sounds like a story I's enjoy. At first I was thinking "sisters" as in "religious order - sisters".

    Have a good vacation.

  3. I hope you manage to read lots of books :D

  4. Sounds fascinating but the ending would bother me too.

  5. Stories that don't provide an ending seem lazy to me and drive me crazy!