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Sunday, January 26, 2014


Murder in the South of France (Maggie Newberry Mysteries, #1)

Another free book which I downloaded and read on a three hour journey today. At least half of it got done yesterday and reading on the tablet whilst travelling is far easier for me on the eye.

Maggie our heroine is savvy, in the advertising field but at 34 she still hankers for the more homely husband and family. She hasn't found Mr. Right yet and this troubles her, despite her career success. We also have Elise her sister, the black sheep of the family who turns up dead at Maggie's condo but this is after she was reported dead in Cannes. A body has been identified as Elise by Maggie herself in Cannes to add to the confusion and mayhem that will naturally follow when two bodies are identified as one person. Add to the mix a four year old little girl abducted and brought over without legal papers to America!

The story is a mystery murder - lots of clues including scams, drugs, the Russian mafia in Cannes, a despicable, abusive husband and a boyfriend who is not quite what he seems. Love and heartbreak, murder and mystery and the ending is not quite right. Sort of unsettled me the ending I mean.

The book was an ideal travelling companion. I enjoyed the contrast between Atlanta and Cannes and especially the descriptiveness in Cannes and Montmarte. 

On another note, Google + is not willing to accept my surname as being my surname!!!! What does one do when you do not have the Anglicized names around????? 


  1. Google needs a kick in the pants! Glad this book was a great companion for your trip. Have a great week.

  2. How absurd not to accept your surname!
    I'm glad you are finding books to read via your ereader. Is it a Kindle? You could use the Kindle loan option too - I'd be happy to loan you something.

  3. Murder in the South of France looks great, or maybe I just love that cover. Seriously it does sound good though, a nice mystery, Happy reading!

  4. the google issue - I just divide up one name between 1st and last..

    book looks and sounds great & certainly would make 3 hrs travel fly by! enjoy.