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Friday, January 31, 2014


Long Time Coming

Joy comes back to her home town almost under duress. Her father is very ill and her mother needs her support. The unspoken thing is that this is a stop gap - when her father is no more, Joy and her mother will move elsewhere.

Joy does not want to stay in Wharton because of the nightmarish episode she endured whilst a high school girl. She lost her best friend in an accident and since then she has suffered nightmares over this as well as amnesia as to the actual events of the sequence of what happened.

Having come home, this is a small town and Joy is forced almost immediately to face head on the entire of her past and try to come to terms with what may not be palatable to her. Jeff may not have been responsible for the accident despite her belief to the contrary and nothing may seem what it is like.

I liked the start of the story but midway I got a bit bored. The not knowing and wanting to know what actually happened dragged on for quite a while and the paranormal happenings made me dismiss the whole story. Pity  because it could have turned out well.

We are in the midst of a heat spell in Colombo - there is talk of rain and the Met Department says it has to rain but we are having bright blue skies and absolutely no sign of a downpour. And to think most of  North America is having an unusual cold spell. 


  1. Sometimes those paranormal twists do not work well. I just finished a book where the twist worked and I enjoyed the book. Hope rain is in your future.

  2. Not a fan of paranormal in my reading choices -- movies it's okay.