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Thursday, February 21, 2013


Annie and Marina are very close friends but with very different personalities. Annie writes a column for a newspaper using incidents from her personal life to get inspiration for the weekly column she edits. Annie is also rather desperate to find a life partner and feels that life in general is passing her by and with it her chances of finding someone to love.

Marina on the other hand is lighthearted about life in general but it is she who first finds someone who is her soul mate and sets about organizing a spiffy, upmarket wedding with all the frills. In the meantime Annie begins to feel so alone, alienated and friendless with what she perceives as Marina abandoning her in favour of her boyfriend and husband to be, Jake her closest gay friend abandoning her in search of mysterious new people and Annie herself spiralling into a web of self doubt and suspicion, first with her neighbour and landlord and then with those around her.

This was a book which dealt with Annie mainly - and how a 35ish woman feels in a world where everyone else is part of a duo and where she feels alone. I do know that there are lots of women who would love the single life but at the same time it must be a very lonely existence for those who do not wish for it. For those who seek the companionship and love of a good relationship, it must be heart breaking not to find the person one would like to share the rest of your life with. 

The fact that this story ends happily was a bonus point!

On a non book note, I was able to attend two concerts held in Colombo - both opposites of each other. One was a fusion jazz evening. The musicians and singers were from four different countries (though three of them were of Sri Lankan origin) and it was wonderful music. Yesterday was an evening of what was described as Taal Tantra - a mix of Indian classical music with European jazz. Strange though it sounds the mix was very good. Tabla playing at its best and the drums were out of this world! My going out like this has been on hold for months due to the illness of my husband. He has recovered to the extent that he is back to full time work but is immobilised and works from a wheelchair. In Sri Lanka unfortunately, practically any place is not geared for taking a wheelchair so outings are extremely restricted. Still it is better than being in bed for which I am extremely grateful. Baby steps!!!


  1. Mystica, many thanks for the review though I'm not sure this is my kind of book. I haven't listened to jazz fusion much being familiar only with well-known Indian percussionist Trilok Gurtu's music some two decades ago. I am glad your husband is back to full-time work and I hope he is back on his feet soon. No public place in India is fit for a wheelchair either, certainly not the railway stations and bus stands, though malls, multiplexes, and shopping complexes are now more considerate towards the physically handicapped, with attendants in tow.

  2. For the right reader this will be a good read, I'm sure.

    Glad to hear your husband is feeling better. I hope the baby steps become giant steps very soon :)

  3. I'm sorry to read about your husband, but glad that you were able to enjoy some time out :) This book looks good!