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Wednesday, February 20, 2013


Though I should have done this meme two days ago, life has got in the way. Apologies to Sheila of Book Journey. We have had crisis after crisis on the domestic front and plenty of work which took me away from home as well.

Somehow everything got neglected - reading, the blog, looking at other blogs and in the evening I was only fit for an episode of Downton and Melissa and Joey and sometimes Grey's Anatomy if I was not too tired! why they keep GA for 10 pm to 11 pm I don't know. Wish it was earlier.

The books I am reading and finding good are 

A book which caters for my immediate needs - i.e. one I can read, put down, forget about and come back to easily. Like it very much. Almost done.

Weighed in the Balance (William Monk, #7)

The writing is ponderous - you think old fashioned, slow but after just 10 pages it has quickened considerably. I found the number of titled people in the beginning confusing but now I am straightening it out in my mind to the essentials. Almost 100 pages in. All whilst getting a pedicure so that was good multi tasking!


  1. Sometimes life has to take precedence over blog stuff and reading. Hope this week is far less stressful. Happy reading :)

  2. Hope your books keep you entertained and stress free! Love the cover of Single Lives!

  3. I did spot a anne perry book at the library today :)

  4. Hope things calm down for you! Glad you are finding something to read.

  5. Sometimes life has to take first place. I hope things have settled down for you. I'm glad you have a few good books to relax with.

  6. Mystica, I sincerely hope the crisis on the homefront blows over and everything comes right back to normal for you and the family.

    Our GREY ANATOMY's slot is 10 to 11 pm too, so I'm assuming it's beamed at the same time over South Asia. I find the serial rather depressing, the plots as well as the lead characters and the disjointed lives they lead. Give me EVERYBODY LOVES RAYMOND any day. We are watching reruns of the reruns of...

  7. I hope things are calmer for you now. Oh I need a pedicure soon!
    Happy Reading and stay rested.