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Monday, September 17, 2012


I am back in Sri Lanka after a three week sojourn in Melbourne. Coming back is always sad as I have to leave the children behind and though it is nice to be back in my own home it takes me quite a while to settle down. 

I was without Internet for the last two weeks and could not participate in my Monday morning memes (which I dearly like). My mailbox this week will remain empty and I will start on my reading once I unpack and settle down (came back only early this morning).

I am going to visit the mailboxes of all the other bloggers though and see what is the latest happenings in the book world.

This meme hosted by Sheila at Book Journey is also an interesting one. Will be visiting the blogs after a long absence.

I have quite a few book reviews to do and will get back into the reading asap.


  1. I'm sure you were sad to leave your kids and I hope you've settled in some. Have a great week!

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog. I hate it when I don't have Internet! (:

  3. Welcome back home.....looking forward to seeing what is in your mailbox soon. (What a wonderful life you live helping other children!)

  4. It's difficult to be travelling back and forth so much. Hope you can settle down a bit now and pick up another great book.

    Although there's nothing in your mailbox, I'm sure you have some more books to read....?

  5. It's not surprising that you need time to settle down, especially given how hard it must be for you to leave the children.

  6. Welcome back Mystica!
    It is never easy to say 'Goodbye' but remember you are now that much closer to 'Hello!'.
    Looking forward to hear what you have been reading (remember, no internet so you caught up with all that reading, yes?) and maybe you can share a couple of snapshots from your sojourn abroad?
    All the best,

  7. Family goodbyes are always hard, hope you find some good books once you've settled in at home :)

  8. Hi Mystica,

    Despite the sadness of having to return home without your family, I hope that you had a lovely break with them and that you have nothing but good memories to last until next time you see them.

    We have only been away from home for three weeks, on a couple of occasions, but I know how difficult it was to get back into the swing of everyday life. it is going to take you a few days to gather your thoughts together.

    Hope to see you back on-line again soon.


  9. Welcome back. Two weeks without internet, how disorienting! Don't know how we survived before its invention. Although... I'd probably read more books if I stayed offline.