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Friday, August 19, 2011

Review Olivia deBelle Byrd's MISS HILDRETH WORE BROWN

From the very beginning you know you are in for a treat. Ms. de Belle Byrd gives us the full gamut of Southern ladies, their style, their conversation (which is a treat) and you are in for a very pleasant time.

The manner in which Southerners seem to look at life was vivacious and animated. Nothing was quiet or very prim and proper. It was very much taken at face value and worked at accordingly.

My knowledge of the American South is minimal - just to cookbooks which will speak of corn bread and such, and the ladylike charm of the Southern belle. Here you get a good eyeful of how

a Southerner looks at life, family and obviously family is extremely important when the author even starts to plan a wedding when the subject of a boyfriend is mentioned by her daughter!

A humorous look at life and one you can pick up read, keep aside and come back easily. Sent to me by the author. Thank you Ma'am.


  1. I really do not know anything either so you are not alone :)

  2. classic American South novels are To Kill a Mocking Bird, The Heart is a Lonely Hunter and the grandmother of them all Gone with the Wind-also Flaukner, Welty and Flannery O'Connor-all great writers

  3. Wasn't this one a treat? I really enjoyed it, and I'm glad you did as well!

  4. I thought this book was very amusing. Glad you enjoyed it, too.