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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Mailbox Monday and It's Monday What are you reading?

I will not be around till Wednesday unless I get access to the internet somewhere so this is why both the meme's are coming up early on Sunday morning here. Mailbox Monday originated from Marcia of The Printed Page. Presently on tour the host for August is Staci from Life in the Thumb.

It's Monday What are you reading? sponsored by Book Journey.

Both memes deal with what books came into your home and what you read/intend reading over the week. The links on both are fabulous as it gives you an insight into what is happening in the book reading world.

I had a fabulous mailbox. Jean Plaidy by the score and Penguin books as well. Unfortunately I do not seem to be able to get the plain, simple penguin covers I want!

Another Somerset Maugham to read next week. Christmas Holidays sounds good.

The only Georgette Heyer in the pile. False Colors.

Another one on Marie Antoinette. Like the Tudors something I will not get tired of.

I like the era WWI and WWII are favourite periods of mine. This cover says it all.

Also a film (which I have not seen) like the look of this one.

Another c lassic. Graham Greene The Quiet American. I am coming to the classics rather late but better late than never.

Mine is a penguin but this cover is also good.

Mine is a classic green and white penguin cover which I love.

The murders of Anne Boleyn and Catherine Howard dealt in this book.

The Razor's Edge read and reviewed a few days ago. This cover does not do the book justice at all. It seems so dull in comparison to the wonderful book it dealt with.

I will visit the links a bit late but looking forward to them all. I hope to get to some bookstores in Singapore as well as visit the second hand book shops in Bras Basah.


  1. jean plaidy books always have such nice covers. enjoy all your books and happy reading!

    My IMM this week.


  2. Wow, Mystica, you got some real treasures this week. Enjoy your visit to the Singapore bookstores and have a wonderful week.

  3. I haven't read any of these, but I have heard some wonderful things about Graham Greene - enjoy

  4. some great selections-I hope the giant Borders book Store is still open in Singapore-I love the food courts also

  5. These are new to me. I do love a good historical novel. I don't think i've read any Jean Plaidy novels. Happy reading!

  6. I have never read Jean Plaidy but I've heard good things about her books. Happy reading!

  7. Now this is an enormous haul! I ditto your fabulous and top it with WOW A WOW!

  8. Your mailbox was full this week! Enjoy all these delightful books.

  9. You did have a fabulous mailbox! I've heard Plaidy is one of the best at historical fiction.

  10. Wonderful mailbox list. I hope you enjoy them all - I'll watch for your reviews.

  11. Wow, lots of books this week! I've read one of Bedford's books (a memoir), which I really enjoyed. I should try some of her other books. Enjoy all your new reads!

  12. Loving your Plaidy books...I have one in my library that I really should read!! Enjoy!

  13. Wow, that's quite a list. Enjoy!

  14. The Jean Plaidy books look enticing. Enjoy your books.

  15. They will sure keep you reading for a while!

    Shelleyrae @ Book'd Out