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Friday, January 28, 2011

Review - Twelve Times Blessed by Jacquelyn Mitchard

The blurb talks about love the second time around and this was quite true of the story.
A young widow 43 years old, successful in business with a six year old son who is the apple of her eye, not looking actively for love and quite content meets a much younger man and in a whirlwind gets married to him all within a week!!

The story spread over one year and divided by chapters into the months of the year was charming. The story is romantic and also descriptive - the relationships that exist both on
True's side as well as Hank's are close, supportive and part of the story. This extended family both in real terms as well as True's business colleagues is something that is very often absent in stories set in the West. There is so much independence of spirit that is admired and flaunted that families tend to sometimes take a back seat. In this story the extended families are very evident and are very much the story as well.

I enjoyed this book - a simple, love story with a twist (as usual) of an unusual family.

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  1. Nice review - you've made me want to take a closer look at this novel!