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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Review - A Royal Likeness by Christine Trent

This was a win from Arleigh of Historical and which came ages ago and was awaiting me when I returned to Sri Lanka.

The story revolves around Marie Tussaud the madame of the wax works renowned all over the world for her immaculate attention to detail in her figures and Marguerite whom she takes on as a protegee and the adventures both of them face - both good and bad in trying to establish a successful salon in England.

Marguerite starts life as heiress and a very successful businesswoman in the doll making business. After a tragic, totally uncalled for death of her husband Nicholas she sinks into deepest depression and it is through her aunt Claudette that she is put in touch with Madame Tussaud as a way of getting her to face life and move on.

The book is one of historical fiction comprising events of the Napoleonic wars, the Battle of Trafalgar, the position of French emigres in England and their precarious existence there, and the fact that Marguerite herself of French descent faces many threats in her newfound life with the waxworks and must strive to maintain not just herself but also protect her patroness at all costs.

The story which combines history, and a love story is very well told with all its bits of intrigue and romance. A story which kept me enraptured from beginning to end. 455 pages of a good story for lovers of historical fiction and a love story with a happy ending.


  1. Great review :) This is a book I would like to read, I do love my historical fiction

  2. I love that it combines the intrigue and the romance- sounds like a perfect combination! :-) *jotting down the title now*