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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Review - Hot House Flower by Margot Berwin

This was a win from Raging Bibliomania and a very unusual read for me. Coming from the tropics some of the plants were a bit more familiar to me than it may be for other readers. Despite that it was an unusual read.

I do not go in for fantasy at all and this is bordering on it in a way in which an absolute novice to the fantasy game could appreciate. It may actually pave the way for me to pick up another book in a similar vein.

A 32 year old divorcee is looking for these rare plants in Mexico. She is also very susceptible to love and is very open to the idea of finding a new partner. She is lonely. Add to that plant robbers, the mysticism of plants and plant lore, the ideas that plants are living beings who actually feel and can scream (whilst being uprooted) and a wild goose chase across the Yucatan to find these missing plants and you have the gist of the story.

The story has mystery, murder, romance, sexual tensions galore all mixed into one book. A
light read not quite chick lit but fitting this into a category is hard.

On a non book note I am still trying to catch up on work - orphanage work still in arrears. I did a quick visit once again today taking with me stuff for six girls to start training in needlework and machine embroidery. There were all sorts of thread, needles, hoops, embroidery scissors, tapes and fabric. Then we started special English classes for the older girls and they needed a whiteboard and pens and papers. Managed to buy it all and I was determined to take it so that a start could be made on Monday itself. The sooner the girls are trained for the local job market the better life would be for all of them.

First day of the weekend gone!


  1. I like tropical plants, travel, and a mystery, so I just might look for this book! Thanks for the review.

  2. I am just really loving that cover, and it does sound like a good book. And it brings more than just chick-lit

  3. Thanks for the review - this one has been on list for some time.