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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Review - Who Killed Bianca? by Emma Darcy

This book was a win in a giveaway from Cozy Book Nook. The book is part of a series and I was lucky to get this as I had not read anything from the series or even heard of it before.

The setting is a train journey of two days on the famous Ghan which travels across Australia and the people who form the story are a group of high flyers with a murky hidden past. Include a nosy papparazzi who apart from sniffing out scandal is vicious and mean and you have the elements of the story, the eventual murders and the secrets that will be blown sky high.

There is a detective (something like Miss Marples) a K C Gordon who is a romance writer on the train who simply "just" gets involved in murder and a very quiet/disgruntled detective Peter Turnbull on the side who never will get it quite right unless Ms. Gordon steps in.

The book was a nice pleasant read, story line was not predictable, the train journey was descriptive and the murderer was not apparent for quite some time! I enjoyed this book.

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  1. Oh this does sound like a fun little murder mystery. I like that she's a romance writer who just happens to get involved in stuff. For some reason I like that aspect. Kind of like Nancy Drew.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and entering my contest!