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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Followers ! New Books! Op shops!

I have been delighted that over the last two weeks I have got several new followers and would love to welcome them to this blog. I do hope the books as well as the trivia interests you as I sometimes tend to ramble on a bit.

The weather in Melbourne is for me still freezing though my daughters assure me that its lovely weather and "not so cold". The strange thing that I cannot seem to get reconciled to is that the sun is shining brightly, but it is not warm, not even a teeny weeny bit and putting clothes out to dry is a bit superfluous! (no dryers in this house).

On a book note I read The Weight of Heaven - Thrity Umrigar and since enough has been said on this book I wont add my bit. The book was excellent, for me sad almost throughout and I dont generally like sad books, but wonderful reading. The style was so very good and the language used through the book was just precisely so very apt at all times. The ending was a surprise for me - an excellent read.

I also read Fern Michaels Vanishing Act - I was absolutely disappointed. Maybe I expected something more than a mystery and a romance in one. She is a prolific writer so maybe I will go on to something else. Didnt do anything for me.

Right now reading a book set in the gold rush of California (absolutely new area for me) so will come back on that as soon as I finish. Also picked up two P D James from the local op shop but that is my treat for me when I get back to Sri Lanka. Right now I am only reading what Carnegie library can offer me!


  1. I'd loveto visit Austrailia someday. Have a great time :)

  2. Thrity Umrigar is one of my favorite authors. I loved this book and am glad you did too. Try The Space Between Us (by her) it is also wonderful.

  3. Sounds like wonderful books you are reading!