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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Australia here I come!

Am leaving for Australia tomorrow and will be away for just a month. However I will not be
absent from the blogging world and hopefully will be reading and reviewing depending on what
I pick up whilst in Melbourne.

It will be nice to see my three children and spend some time with them - my husband and I
miss them dreadfully and are still trying to get used to the empty nest syndrome.

I love Melbourne despite it being very cold right now (cold for tropical me that is) because I
am going straight to the op shops which will have lots and lots of books for me! The concept of
library sales is a new one for me so shall be going to check on this as well at the local library
but my main source of good books is Vinnies and Salvos and I am so looking forward to this. On my last visit to Melbourne I ended up with over 42 books - am not really interested in anything
else so that is something to look forward to - specially with all the wonderful book reviews available on all the book blogs.



  1. Hope you have a good trip and enjoy being with your children, Mystica!

  2. WIshing you a safe trip!!! I have had and still have the empty nest thing going on. The oldest has been gone from home for about 12 years now and the youngest 8 years but I think because they are all scattered in the states that it is hard. In answer to your question, is it unusual for snow in May here in upper Wisconsin. No actually it isn't. We have had snow already on July 4th. It is not common but the weather can change within a matter of hours. I think a lot of it is all the changes that the earth is going through right now. Again have a safe trip and enjoy the family!!!!

  3. Oooh, library sales are fantastic! Can't wait to hear about your finds. Have a great holiday and hope you get pampered by your kids!