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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Computer woes/long holidays/and a bit of this and that

My computer is playing up and I think I am going to have a completely dead computer in a couple of days. A friend of mine has also said that they have got strange messages from me via my email and I am horrified that it could be porn! Anyway other than this post if anyone gets a strange message from me please do not open it.

It is a period of long long holidays in Sri Lanka. A general election was completed with very few incidents of murder and mayhem which is a little miracle - thank god for small mercies. We now are in the euphoric stage of celebrating the win and commiserating with the losers in this election. We also have Monday and Tuesday as holidays it being the Singhalese and Hindu New Year. Virtually everything has closed down, slowed down or disappeared and thats why I cant get the computer chappy to come over and have a look. Nothing will get done till Thursday at least when I return to work and hopefully can drag someone to look at whats going wrong.

Since the New year has conveniently fallen on a Tuesday and Wednesday most working people have taken Monday off so that it has become a holiday from the 7th to the 15th. The cities are deserted as everyone has run off to any place they can find - we have in Sri Lanka such a huge range to choose from and all within 150 kms of you that its always difficult to choose either the beaches, the ancient cities, the what we call up country with the tea plantations or to go to Jaffna which has opened up its borders after 22 years.

On a bookish note I am in the middle of two books and also doing some hand sewing on a quilt which I really want to finish and gift by the end of the next week. Hopefully it will all get done. With such a long break the intentions are always very honorable but whether anything will get done or whether I will just sit in front of the TV and watch the fascinating world of the IPL Cricket happening in India is also possible.

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