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Monday, April 5, 2010

Book review - Daughters in law - Henry Cecil & some ramblings

Sometime ago I did mention that I picked up a whole lot of books - most of which both the titles and authors were unknown to me. I thought I'd start reading some older books and though at times the books have not appealed this one did.

The writer Henry Cecil depicts the story of two men who marry or rather want to marry two sisters and the problem arises is that both are them in the field of law which is something absolutely abhorent to the boy's father. The extent of this antagonism goes to the point where he tries very hard to persuade them not to marry these two charming girls who are accomplished, pretty and charming!

The story rambles on through a rather difficult court case and ends with a twist which I never ever expected - not in a million years!!!! The story which seemed placid ended with a bang!

A pleasant read.

This week two days more in fact - sees us having another general election with all the mayhem and madness which accompanies elections in Asia. An election is not a tame affair. You dont just go and vote and mind your own business. Everyone seems to want to mind other people's business and the why's and wherefore's being discussed are endless and acrimonius. It sets the tone for the entire election and hopefully like everything else, we will go through this and survive.

Apart from the holidays which ensue as a result of these doings, we also have coming up the Singhalese and Hindu New Year - the biggest event in the calendar for Singhalese and which is celebrated with much joy and happiness. Like Easter, its a season for renewal of family ties, friendships and much enjoyment.

Till then.


Anna said...

I love unexpected twists! I can take some predictability, but when a story catches you off guard, wow.

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ooglebloops said...

You won my Monday Morning Giveaway!!! Send me your address!!:>)