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Sunday, December 10, 2023

Death on the Scotland Express by Fliss Chester


This cozy series is very entertaining when you want straight forward stories in a pleasant setting with varied, invariably a sprinkle of eccentric characters. This was one such a read.

Cressida the Hon is the way she introduces herself (bit strange right there) is with friends returning to London along with her pug Ruby who plays a leading role in the story. One murder whilst on a train journey is bad enough but when second one is attempted and two people injured, one rather badly, we know the murderer is on the train. Cressida’s good friend Detective Andrew’s and his able assistant Kirby are coincidentally on the same train and now that the chief suspect is shot, they all have to look elsewhere for the murder suspect.

Told in a very easy style though the timing is just a train journey from Scotland to London we are taken along the ride with deduction and detective skills in full force.

Nicely told, relaxing read.

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  1. If Scotland is in the title, I'm probably going to want to read it. ;D

  2. Ah, yes, murder on a train. Excellent setting for a story.