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Friday, September 30, 2022

The Second Chance Holiday Club by Kate Galley

Evelyn was an older character and it seemed unfair that she had to discover what she did. Her husband found dead in a vehicle in another part of the county with ring in his pocket and a cryptic letter addressed to a woman on the Isle of Wight. Her marriage to Tony has been devoid of any deep feeling for a long time, and they had just got into a rut with Tony ruling the roost most of the time, using Evelyn's money for his own advancement. Evelyn decides to pursue her own investigation and their follows a hilarious journey to a run down hotel on the Isle of Wight in the company of a tour group - including ladies as dysfunctional as any you could find but all finding comfort and solace in each other. Evelyn was set in her ways, did not like to mix, was very particular what she did and how she did things which were very annoying to read about until you realized that most ladies of her age were like that. (Made me very keen to be otherwise as I am in the same age category as her!!!!) The story was sad and funny. Discovering the truth of Tony's infidelity which went back decades his long relationship with the other woman, Evelyn making amends in the way she knew how which was wonderful and peace coming to both Evelyn and the other woman's daughter who was resentful, angry and wary at the beginning was a good ending for all. Very character driven, very descriptive of the Isle of Wight as well and the courage of three women to overcome odds in their personal lives. Sent by Head of Zeus Aria for an unbiased review courtesy of Netgalley.


  1. Poor Evelyn. I feel a little bad for her.

  2. I love books with older women as the main characters. I'm in that age group myself. Sounds like an eyeopening and challenging time for Evelyn

  3. I feel bad for Evelyn, but this sounds like a really unique storyline. I especially like when older characters are featured.