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Monday, September 26, 2022

An Inconvenient Ward by Audrey Harrison

Elizabeth Rufford is unusual for her time. She is more interested in managing her estate than having a London season. She finds the endless balls, routs and dances boring and endures it just to get through it all. It is a duty to attend to but she has no intention of falling in love with any of the young men who are mainly fortune hunters. Her guardian is determined to carry out his obligations as one and encourages her to look around as the season is more or less a marriage mart. He hides a terrible secret of his own, where he believes that he is doomed to madness as his father also died of the malady. He also slowly falls in love with Elizabeth but she is unaware of this. Elizabeth is attracted to her guardian but knows that there is not going to be a breakthrough. She returns to her estate with the idea of setting it to rights. The story is romantic, ends well and again a very relaxing read. Descriptive of the London season, the competitiveness amongst the girls as well as their Mamas it was curious to see how and what would happen next in the marriage stakes. This was a free download from Amazon.


  1. Love it when the romances end well. Such fun to read.

  2. There was a time in my life when I read a lot of books like this. In fact, they were my main reading diet. It's strange how our reading tastes change over time. Or maybe not so strange. Life experiences change many things about us, not just our taste in reading.