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Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Paris for One and other stories by Jo Jo Moyes

I have been trying for the longest to get to this author and was never successful. This book was through the local library at Glen Waverley in Melbourne and hopefully I will be able to get another book before I leave for Sri Lanka by the end of this month. This collection of short stories starts with the Paris for One which is also the longest one of the lot. Each story involves a woman and the story is from the angle of the woman. In Paris for one Nell decides to act out of character. Planning a weekend in Paris with her boyfriend who ditches her, she now has to salvage what was left of the weekend. How she goes from despair to euphoria and how the weekend ultimately evolves is the story. Crocodile Shoes how a misplaced bag and a fancy Louboutini changed someone's life was very good. What a new hair cut and a trip to the salon could do! The Christmas List highlights how one should celebrate not as a rote, but because we want to and with people whom we care about otherwise it is just another day. The entire collection some very short and some novellas, held me interested throughout.


  1. Jo Jo Moyes is an author I've enjoyed in the past. I haven't tried this collection by glad to know you enjoyed it.

  2. I haven't read anything by this author; glad you enjoyed these short stories.

  3. This sounds lovely! I've read Me Before You but nothing else by this author.