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Saturday, August 13, 2022

Mydworth Mysteries No. 1 - A Shot in the Dark by Neil Richards & Matthew Costello

1929 rural Sussex. The year may be 1929 but it looks as feudal attitudes are going to take a very long time to die down. Sir Harry has returned after a diplomatic spell in Egypt along with his clever, modern American wife Kat. That alone is exciting and turbulent but as they get off their steamner, an urgent summons for Harry to come to the Foreign Office sees Kat going to Mydworth on her own. She is a bold young woman, driving in a country she doesnt know, to meet relatives she has only heard about and aristocratic as they come, their welcome is as tepid as expected. When a jewel robbery is what faces Kat as she arrives, followed by a random shooting of the robber as he tries to get away the couple have to use use their skills and contacts to try to solve this their first investigation in England. Finding who the murdered man was, the motives for the robbery and then solving the mystery was entertaining. I liked the setting, the era particularly, the relationship between not just Harry and Kat but the entire cast around them. This was a free download from Amazon. I will be looking out for the rest in the series.

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