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Sunday, December 26, 2021

The Son and Heir by Alexander Munninghoff

An emotional epic story of the author's own journey to his past and the slowly unraveling of something that was quite hard to fathom and understand. That his father had a Nazi background and things slowly became discovered about his past. How he tries to reconcile the past of a tortured early 20th century Europe and the ramifications of war on ordinary citizens and how it changed their lives and their children's lives forever and how on earth do you try to reconcile the two worlds. Both World Wars changed the lives of people not just in Europe but all over the world but Hitler and Nazi Germany brought about a brutishness and a brutality which was by far very harsh. How many people still like to cover the traces of what their ancestors did during this period, especially if you were from the wealthy and aristocratic classes in Europe. A book that gets you to think. What your ancestors did is not your responsibility. A download from Amazon

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  1. Such a horrible time in history and the descendants still feeling the shame of their ancestors. This sounds like an interesting read.