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Wednesday, December 15, 2021

The Music Makers by Alexandra Walsh

A dual time line fascinates me and most readers. This one was particularly evocative. 1875 London Victorian and we have young women who are not timid nor retiring but who want to make a stand for themselves. Esme Blood and Lynette are young women with theatre in their blood but they now want to spread their wings and see what the wider world holds. They step out into a newer, more sophisticated one than the one they left behind and are successful in their fields. Fast forward to 2020 Wales - Eleanor has been diagnosed with an auto immune illness which has had her hospitalized for a long time. She is now recovering albeit slowly and is building up her business as an online one. She specialises in the theatre - clothes, memorablia and particularly programs. She is very good at her job and when she comes upon a set of programs she is drawn to them almost magnetically as if they are telling her something. Eleanor is also well versed in Tarot card reading and all her readings point her in a direction which she is careful to follow. The similarities between the cards and stories she unearths from 1875 show that there are links between Esme and herself even though they are centuries apart. The story was beautifully descriptive of all the characters involved - especially the 1875 ones and in 2020 the main characters of the story. Family details and how the story is evolving are also minute and very well explained. It is a real page turner and one book which is hard to put by for a later read. Sent by Sapere Books for an unbiased review, courtesy of Netgalley.


  1. Another wonderful sounding find through your blog; sounds so good.

  2. It's an intriguing premise for a novel and since it has your stamp of approval, it must be very good!