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Tuesday, December 28, 2021

Accomplished in Murder by Dara England

Combining a combo of two things I like - a vintage mystery murder and a female sleuth both hard to find in books made this an interesting read for me. Celeste is a long standing friend of Drucilla and when she gets a letter with underlying tones of her being scared Drucilla sets off on a long, tedious journey to frozen Cornwall ostensibly to see her friend Arriving at the house and being welcomed and then warned by two of Celeste's in laws before being told that their friend was dead is a shock for Drucilla but one mystery she is determined to get to the bottom on. Uncovering a story which is common for the era of almost a forced marriage, bigamy, and finding a fortune from a rich wife to bolster the family fortune was a very common occurrence at the time. But when it involved murder the story changes. Intriguing and interesting to read, the backdrop of an aristocratic family - the limitations of the law when dealing with such people protected by their own where even the law backs off for fear of repercussion is sadly prevalent at the time. A download from Amazon.

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