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Friday, June 4, 2021

Churchill's Secret Messenger by Alan Hlad

I seem to be on a WWII reading binge and enjoying every one of them. All of them set in different scenarios, looking at different aspects of life and mainly how civilians under the very nose of their enemies carried out a life which was known only to them. Rose met up with Churchill on a chance encounter in his typing pool. The great man obviously was someone who remembered details and when someone was needed who was loyal, tenacious, spoke French like a native it was an obvious choice that Rose fit the bill. Her arrival in France and her work behind enemy lines taking messages to and fro where her "ordinaryness" as a pretty French young woman did not go questioned very much, Rose was a very successful agent. Willing to go the extra mile, cycling two miles to find and deliver a message and then to escape was a huge feat. Having lost her entire family to both the War and raids on London, Rose was numb to personal loss until she met Lazare a fellow freedom fighter and one whom she fell in love with. Incarceration at a Nazi camp for both of them meant that it looked like the end of the road but fate meant it otherwise. Another epic story of history written by civilians and one we should never forget. Sent by Kensington Books for an unbiased review, courtesy of Netgalley.


  1. The World War II period is probably my least favorite era to read about but this one does sound interesting.

  2. I too have been reading a lot of WWII lately ... though I don't know the one you mention. It sounds good.

  3. This sounds really good and I love this era (and am in in the middle of a nonfiction book set during this time). Definitely one to add to my TBR!