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Tuesday, March 9, 2021

In the Beginning There was A Murder by P C James

1953 Northern England. Despite it being after a World War and women coming out in full force into the work environment, things were still quite rigid where behaviour and what was expected from women. Pauline was someone with ambition. She worked in an armament factory, not on the floor but on the secretarial side but was hoping for advancement. When her friend Marjorie gives her details of her love affair with a rich, married man Pauline really does not want to know very much. Sadly when Marjorie is found murdered, Pauline realizes that she should have paid closer attention to what her friend was saying because other than for a name, she does not know anything else of what went on in Marjorie's life. Approaching the police with whatever information she had, Pauline is left frustrated because she feels that what she says is disregarded because the Inspector has problems of his own with the hierarchy who want the first possible suspect arrested and charged without going into detail. The story goes on from there how Pauline follows up on clues, with the help of a relative working for a newspaper. (how we rely on the internet for information is really emphasised here because everything is so very slow!!!) The news of the loss of Pauline's fiancee in the Korean War adds to her distress but also helps her to focus on her findings. A bit slow but reminiscent of the times the story was set in, this was an old fashioned detective story. Sent by BooksGoSocial for an unbiased review, courtesy of Netgalley.

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  1. Oooh, this sounds like a good one! I don't read books set in this time period very often, which makes it even more interesting. I'm definitely going to look this one up on NetGalley. Thanks for the heads-up!