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Tuesday, February 2, 2021

Stolen Hearts by Marci Bolden

Alexa is a private investigator with a team known as HEARTS. She got into this line of business after her sister disappeared and despite years of heartfelt searching, has never been found. When she is approached by Dean to look for his sister Mandy whom he believes is just missing Alexa puts her investigative shoes on. Surprisingly the first few clues turn up trumps, and it seems that even Dean's father is aware of her whereabouts but has hidden the fact, the police shrug the case off as Mandy is an adult and no one simply cares. Finding Mandy is one thing, getting her out of the drugs and human trafficking pimp she was involved with is heartbreaking and another whole new issue. Mandy is so dependent on the drugs and has been brainwashed so well that this is a herculean task. The story apart from the reunion of brother and sister, highlights the vastness of the human trafficking story of young, vulnerable women taking them away from families and stability to a world of dependence on drugs, alcohol and sex which finally marks them on a downward spiral to the end of their days. Ignored by the law, lost to their families, this must be a repetitive story. The love story that developed between Dean and Alexa was just an addition. Sent to me by Pink Sand Press for an unbiased review, courtesy of Netgalley


  1. This makes for a very hard plot in spite of the romance, thanks for sharing - it's useful when you have to pick books from Netgalley ;)

  2. Human trafficking is such a prevalent problem world-wide. I come across it now and then through my work and the stories are always so heartbreaking. It's really hard to break out of that life too, which only complicates things. It's always interesting to see how the issue is addressed in fiction like this.

  3. The human-trafficking element is so heartbreaking. I have a hard time reading such books.