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Thursday, February 4, 2021

Death Waits For No Lady by Andrew James (vintage mystery read)

Lady Evelyn Wright well past marriageable age is an epitome of respectability and very high standards. When she is found murdered in her own study by the parlour maid, the whole village is set astir. Detectives called to the case, now realise that this is not a burglary gone bad, but a well thought of murder but as to why and how is the mystery. Her brother is her sole inheritor and he has a watertight alibi but further investigations throw light on a history of Lady Evelyn which is surprising and most out of character. It now appears that the lady had had several liaisons with various people starting from the priest at a local chapel (he was anyway the chief suspect since he was considered not one of "them") being not a Methodist or Anglican chaplain! there were several other men who were unearthed during the course of the investigations which really set the cat amongst the pigeons. The obvious answer was certainly not the obvious suspect and the story went on. Set in a very descriptive background of both the house (manor) and the setting of a village life the book held my interest throughout. Vintage in essence it held true throughout. This was a free download from Amazon.


  1. Oh, I am going to go and download it, thanks.

  2. That's a surprising twist of a mystery! I'll have to check this one out.