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Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Absence of Mercy by S M Goodwin

Jasper is not the run of the mill detective found in the British forces. He is a decorated war hero, much admired for his skills, also a Lord of the peerage and detested and disliked by his father. Being a second son was not easy growing up with the Duke as a father who made every meeting a taunting one, especially since Jasper had a stammer. His mother was indifferent and subsequently Jasper realised that the Duke was actually not his father and this could account for his attitude (at least in part) Being a detective was abhorent to the Duke but he had no control over this but he maneuvred things in such a way that Jasper had no option but to take up a post in the New York Police force, apparently to teach them a few detecting skills. On arrival when he was thrust into a murder investigation which involved the aristocracy of New York society and with the twin spectres of finding out who the murderer/s were and also not allowing the media to splash it over the papers was a herculean task. Dealing with gangs, corruption both within the police force and the municipality, thuggery, intimidation from the Police force itself and to top it all a divided police force made Jasper realise his job was no sinecure and his father had deliberately sent him there, hoping he would fail. Using all his skills Jasper encounters adversity after adversity and overcomes them with politeness and clarity - things unknown to the New York detectives! With a fabulous Paisley (valet) in the background this was a totally gripping read. Sent by Crooked Lane Books for an unbiased review, courtesy of Netgalley.


  1. I like the sound of this one. I want to know more about Paisley!

  2. I like the description of this one. It sounds like a good mystery!!

  3. This sounds good, Mystica. I will have to look for it.