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Saturday, May 16, 2020

An American Princess by Annejet van der Zijl

More than being a Princess (she was for a time being married to a Prince) her life was much more colorful and interesting than being a mere princess.

Born into a pioneering family in a very raw part of the country, Allene Tew aspired for a world much beyond the narrow confines of a conservative, traditional family of modest means. Her first step was her marriage to Tod Hottstetter and though opposed and ostracized for years, she was one determined young lady to show everyone that she was not one to shirk from the first hurdle. Going on after his unexpected death to even better and wider horizons she was astute and clever in business, always expanding her business, landing on her feet and despite the Great Depression made and lost and regained fortunes.

Personal sadness in spades did not diminish this woman and for readers who enjoy history this would be a very good read of a period of American history from the 1800s to beyond the crash of 1929. Detailing her various husbands, their characters and the role they played in her life took up a great part of the book.

Interesting factual read.

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  1. It is amazing how gutsy some women have been (and are) and pull themselves up time and again.

  2. My thoughts echo Kathryn's. I'm always impressed by our predecessors and their ability to move forward in the hardest circumstances. Thanks for sharing about this book!

  3. This sounds fascinating. I always love the story of a strong and independent woman who is able to make her way in the world.