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Thursday, April 30, 2020

Summer in Provence by Lucy Coleman

Fern and Aiden had what it takes to make a marriage last - or so it seemed. Both had married young, put aside ideas of higher studies, dug deep into jobs and settling down. An unexpected windfall resurrects Aiden's dreams of travelling, of adventure into the beyond. For Fern unexpected though this was, shocked really, she is willing to let Aiden go, both take a gap year from their marriage and both pursue their respective dreams.

For Fern it was painting. Something she loved to do and had no opportunities, no training and no money for all this time. Now with a years sabbatical ahead of her, she volunteers for a villa in Provence which runs various courses for people.

Very descriptive on the one hand of Provence which sounds fabulous and on the other hand a disintegrating relationship, when you add the stresses of long distance, lack of communication and the niggling feeling that things are getting away from you and with no idea of how you can get it back on the former keel it was, takes us into this story.

Very well written.

Sent by Netgalley for an unbiased review, courtesy of Boldwood Books.

On another note, we are not just in lockdown in Sri Lanka but in an unending curfew for the last month. No lifting of curfew for anything. If you need medicines or urgent needs you've got to apply to the police for a temporary pass which is very strictly enforced. No crossing of districts and no frivolous reasons. I marvel at the leniency in other countries and who then wonder why their infection rates and death rates are so high.  It is tiresome and difficult and one gets on anothers nerves  for no apparent reason but this is it, right now.


  1. I'd read this just for the setting.

  2. I'm with you, this is getting old but I hope it's worth it.
    My state is no where near as strict as your area and I still complain. I miss my kids and grandchildren.
    Thanks for sharing about the book. I love the setting and the plot sounds emotional.

  3. The book sounds good and I love the cover!

    We are supposed to be under a "Safe At Home" and a lot of people are staying home, but a lot aren't. I don't understand what they don't get! This is some seriously scary stuff. I'm essential so I'm still working but other than that I've been staying home since the end of February.

  4. I'm happy to know you and your loved ones are safe and think it's fantastic that your country has managed to handle the corona virus so well - I see the numbers of cases is small and very few deaths thankfully. I'm really flabbergasted when, on the few occasions I've left the house for essential shopping, there are so many people around without masks - must add they are usually young people - and that they don't practice 'social distancing' at all! I'm perfectly happy staying at home, and am so grateful for my garden, a lovely place to work in and relax at the end of these difficult days.

    Sounds like a good book - I've visited Provence several times and yes, it definitely is a beautiful part of France.

    Stay well and be safe Mystica.

  5. Summer in Provence sounds like a good one. I love that cover.

    I am glad you and your family are safe. I am appalled at some of the people in my own country and their cavalier attitude about this entire situation. It's so aggravating. Their behavior doesn't just impact them, but also everyone else. But they cannot see it.