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Wednesday, January 8, 2020

The Hardie Inheritance by Anne Melville

This is my second read on the Hardie family and it is as interesting as the first one was. It is sadly the final one too.

Lucy Hardie is contented with her lot. Having had one love affair when she was very young, she is now content to look after the property bequeathed to her and live peacefully with her mother and her brother Phillip. Though there is no money (not even for shoes!) she survives very well off the fruit of their own labour.

When four visitors turn up on one single day, it is a turning point for all three of them and how. Ellis brings about the world of photography and art and sees in Lucy's primitive sculptures something which will appeal to art enthusiasts everywhere. He brought with him his very young daughter Trish, who was going to be a major change in Lucy's life in the future, Rupert is the long lost cousin from the side which discarded her mother when she married into trade, Andy is the long lost love from times past.

The story described as historical fiction, is also a family saga and most importantly for me a story of a house and the history behind the house is also a story in itself. Apart from Lucy, the story of each of the characters is very well developed and a story in themselves and Lucy is though the centre of the story is definitely not the entire whole.

History and a family saga which will appeal to many.

Sent to me by Netgalley for an unbiased review, courtesy of Agora Books. 


  1. Mystica, the Hardie family saga does sound interesting, particularly the characters as well as the large house and the history behind it. I'm sure the writing is equally appealing.

  2. I like a good family saga that takes place over a period ofyears. Houses that work as characters in their own right, also intrigue me.

  3. I especially like that the house itself seems to be a character in this one. This sounds good, Mystica. I am glad you enjoyed it.