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Thursday, April 7, 2016

Island in the Sea by Anita Hughes

This was just what I needed when I finished a rather heavy emotional book on the plight of a particular community which has been harassed and marginalised for generations in Afghanistan.
This was a very good antidote to get me out of the dismals!

Set in New York and Majorca the author brings the island especially to life. From its natural beauties to the tourist attractions, from its beaches to the restaurants and especially, very markedly its food the place sounds idyllic. Set amidst these surroundings we have a story.

Juliet is a senior at a music studio and she has been sent on a mission. Persuade the man who wrote a best seller years ago, not to renege on a contract and get it done within two weeks and come back with it in hand. A tall order because our musician has gone down the road of putting off everything, not interested in life at all and is in a tailspin of debt from which he cant see himself getting out of. He is depressed, drunk and disinterested. How Juliet is going to do what she set herself out to do is the problem. Juliet knows that coming back empty handed means that she will be sacked immediately. She needs to safeguard the job she has worked so hard to attain.

Juliet did not count for the island's magic and falling in love. Combining all the above, the story comes together beautifully.

Sent to me by Netgalley for an unbiased review, courtesy of St. Martin's Press.


Christina T said...

This sounds delightful! I just read a darker book (set during the Holocaust) so I am in need of some lighter reading too.

I love the cover and am curious about the setting. The only thing I know about Majorca is that Chopin lived there.

I read another book by Anita Hughes about Audrey Hepburn and thought it was interesting. I will have to check this one out. Thanks for your review!

Literary Feline said...

This does sound delightful, Mystica! Sometimes I do need a lighter read after my darker ones.