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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Laura English by Lynn Arias Bornstein

This was a surprisingly fresh look at Hollywood. Not at all the jaded know it all book but a real rags to riches story!

Jane Parks has always loved the theatre.  A chance encounter with Sir James Paxton brings Jane to his attention and this is a stepping stone for Jane's meteoric rise to the popularity stakes in the film industry. Jane Parks becomes Laura English the English being because Jane is so quintessentially English! Jane's rise does not spoil her nature or her behaviour and this is a story of the personal life of Laura English from the backwoods of Bournemouth theatre.

From her first love with John Keith and then there heartbreaking separation and her marriage to David a film producer and the very special life she shares with him for many decades the story unfolds a step by step story of how an unknown actress becomes one of the most loved names in Hollywood. Going back and forth on the actresses's life and the making of so many films we come full circle with her meeting up with John after many years and their final future.

Add to this a bit of a spy thriller, workings of a kibbutz and the irony of a son who never knew his father till the very end, the book was a sedate read except for this bit which was unexpected and added a totally different flavour to the read.

A book sent to me by Netgalley courtesy of Stillpoint Digital Press.


  1. This is not a book I'd have picked up on my own, but it does sound interesting!

  2. It sounds quite interesting, I have to say, I am not familiar with Laura English. Is this a biography or a novel?

    Thanks for the visit to my 'Reading Corner' this evening.