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Thursday, July 17, 2014

The Falcon and the Sparrow - M L Tyndall

The Falcon and the Sparrow

The author is well known for "pirate romance" (didn't know that term so I do need some education I think). This was romance of course set in Napoleonic France and Britain. Shades of spies, lots of drama, heartbreak and then love reigns supreme at the end.

Dominique comes as a Governess to Admiral Randall's house to look after and nurture his motherless little boy. Dominique herself is a daughter of an Admiral but has the disadvantage of a French mother leaving her open to speculation that she could be a French spy. Randall himself feels that he is being set up and that someone is spying on him, trying to obtain important papers which will be vital for a naval battle between England and France. He however suspects Sebastian, his butler and never imagines that Dominique could be part of a plot.

We have scheming women in the form of his sister Mrs Barton and the Lady Irene who detest Dominique from the word go, Dominique also has to face the vulnerability of her charge William whom she has fallen in love with and her growing attraction to the Master of the household despite all her orders to the contrary to get hold of those vital papers and return to France. Those papers are the only security to get the release of her brother from the clutches of Lucien Bonaparte. 

A very convoluted romance and drama which ends well. This improbable romance is good for some light hearted entertainment. 


  1. Pirate romance? I would guess it is to be taken literally? New for me as well!
    The last paragraph in your review was sterling...will pass!!
    All the best,

  2. A very good review, thank you Mystica. This is a book I think I would enjoy.