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Friday, July 11, 2014

The Boathouse by R J Harries

Sean Archer is a criminologist who runs a small but very well knit operation with Zoe who is a "elite" professional hacker who can get into any system possible and obtain whatever information you want.
Sean is also  deeply saddened by his girlfriend's murder. He is also extremely keen to find out who murdered her as he feels that it is linked to the murder of his parents when he was a boy of 14. Two weeks after Alex's murder, her friend who was assisting Sean was also murdered.

Now Sean finds himself being constantly hassled by rogue cops and even assaulted badly warning him to stay off Alex's case.This however makes Sean even keener to find out what is happening.  Alex has left him a list of people involved in her investigation and Sean vows not to allow her death to go in vain. 

It is at this point of time that he is approached by Peter Sinclair a multi millionaire to take over and find his wife who he feels has been kidnapped. Sinclair does not want the police involved as it would mean the death of his wife.  Sinclair is not a person whom Sean even remotely likes but he feels getting on the case is important because Peter Sinclair was also a name on  on Alex's list and Sean feels getting in on this case though a difficult one would be one step closer to finding pieces to the puzzle which has long eluded the solving. 

The suspense of the chase and the revealing in slow stages the mystery of this story and Sinclair himself are cleverly done.  You do want to know how it is going to end and to that end it is a book you start that you want to finish on the day itself.

Thanks to Netgalley who sent the book on to me for an independent review courtesy of Troubador  Publishing Limited.

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  1. One of the reasons I love book blogs, is that I get past the cover of a book, which allows me to really think if I would want to read it. I'm not a fan of this cover, and would have over looked it in a book store, but you have my interest piqued.