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Saturday, October 5, 2013


Book of the Dead (Kay Scarpetta, #15)

The book of the dead is actually a book kept in the morgue of all bodies that come into it for autopsy 
Kay Scarpetta has opened her own very unique forensic laboratory which offers crime scene investigation and forensic and pathology services in a state of the art facility. Along with her are her niece Lucy and Marino who have worked with her for a very long time. 

You would think that with her reputation as one of the best that Kay would have it all. There is however a number of people who would prefer Kay not to practice in their part of town and have no qualms of sending her messages to move as quickly as possible. 

As is customary in Cornwell's books seemingly unconnected murders somehow seem to have link. The murders/deaths are miles away from each other and seem unrelated. A chance conversation here, a sighting there makes Kay see connections which were not visible and know that they are all connected.
We have a young man which on the surface looks like suicide, a little boy tortured and abused and starved to death, a young woman murdered, an up and coming tennis star also found brutally murdered. What is the link between them? 

The things that go to make a perfect thriller are all here and how Cornwell spins it all together to come up with another classic is her skill.  Liked this one!


  1. I haven't read anything by Cornwell in years but did enjoy what I read. I just think I have a problem reading about horrible things that might really be able to happen. That scares me much more than any zombie book. Guess that says that Cornwell is able to make her books feel real.

  2. I haven't read one of these for ages - I got a bit tired of the conspiracy theory plot-line and gave up. But if this is a return to form (those first ones she wrote were addictive and scary!), I should give her another go.

  3. I have read many but don't remember this one, it sounds fantastic. I hear she is getting better with her last few new ones again.

  4. I loved her early books and then they got a little bizarre. I'm glad to see she's going back to her roots.

  5. However fascinating forensic science is, the setting of a morgue just doesn't appeal to me, but it looks like you enjoyed it.

  6. I haven't read anything by this author, but it sounds good!