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Friday, August 23, 2013



I've not read a Patterson for years and I've not read something like this for a very long time. A murder and a mystery of course but I tend to read those set in a rather older setting so that this was not an easy read for me!

A gorgeous girl goes missing from her Hawaiian hotel whilst on a modelling shoot. A couple of hours later her parents get the call that any parent would never want to receive.  They leave for Hawaii fearing they will never see their daughter again.

We have a serial killer but a peculiar one. One who is paid for what he is doing - paid by a syndicate of "Peepers" from around the world who like to watch and remain far removed from the actual happening of murder. 

Ben who is an ex cop gets this assignment from the L A Times. He thinks it is going to be a kind of holiday where he can file reports, loll on the beach and then return home. Entrapped in the murder he finds himself so entrenched with the serial killer that unless he kills the killer there will be no escape for him and his girl friend. 

Gruesome and twisted as a murder mystery it certainly fitted the genre. Not for me though. I think I prefer the more formal writing of Patricia Cornwell for this genre. 

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