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Saturday, August 17, 2013



The novel is inspired by the author's great great grand aunts and looks at a very simple and straight forward life in an extremely remote and rural part of Norway in the 1905. Dealing with the story of one family the main characters are Oleanna and Elizabeth - the others though important are secondary.

Family loyalty, a sense of love for your home and country, a feeling of kinship to the farm they were born and grew up on makes both girls hesitant to leave. This a story of hardship and a lot of it, and romance and falling in love, about divided loyalties and how one has to choose eventually. 

Told in a simple manner and very descriptive of a country I know very little about the story was an enjoyable one. It is a slow read and the tempo is very slow paced and may not appeal to all. 

I won this months ago from Dar from Peeking Between The Pages.  I was looking for something new to read as unlike most bloggers I have very little new books available with me,  though towering TBR lists and then discovered three new books hidden away (it was such a nice feeling to come across new, hitherto unread books!).


  1. Glad you enjoyed it even though it's slow-going.

  2. Planning a trip to Scandinavia so I would be interested to read this.

  3. Thanks for sharing Mystica! So glad you fund a few reads stashed away!
    I 'hide' a few myself for rainy days...

  4. I just adored this novel -- glad you liked it, too!

  5. I'm so glad you enjoyed this book Mystica! Like Audra I loved it.