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Friday, July 26, 2013



When I first read this title I thought it was going to be a read in the manner of a Joanna Trollope - a fun read. I did not expect the interest to be rather dark and humorous. Dark but still humorous.

A young woman (not a very nice person!) is in her dressing room on the morning of her wedding with a bottle of rum. The house is very full of guests and family including her ex lover! There are squabbles, there is a lot unsaid, you can read some of the characters very well and some are difficult to fathom. A short story you are finished almost before you get into it but the characterization is very good and the plot very short and sweet.

Definitely not for everyone and judging by general reviews the audience is divided on this one.  I rather liked it.

It's Saturday morning here and I was hoping for a quiet weekend. I think its going to be anything but quiet!


vicki (skiourophile) said...

I liked it a lot -- I still haven't seen the film adaptation. I wonder if it managed to convey that dark humour?

Audra said...

I've long had this on my TBR -- I'm going to move it up as I do like darker novels!