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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Review - Skipping a Beat by Sarah Pekkanen

What would you do if your husband whom you think you know quite well changes from the hard bitten, social businessman you know him to be into a charismatic, philanthrophic man who wants to give away all what he has earned including the house you live in and start life all over again with nothing.

Julia and Michael live two compartmentalized lives. They are not unhappy but they do not communicate and the warmth has gone out of the relationship. Julia is involved in her own career which is doing pretty well and Michael is firmly entrenched in his. Money is no problem and the couple live what seems to be an idyllic life.

Fast forward to Michael having a seizure, actually dying for a few minutes and then recovering well. Recovering physically that is. Mentally the person that Julia knows as Michael is gone. In its place is a stranger who is softer, seems to love her blindly and who is intent on giving away everything that he built up over the years. Julia is not just puzzled and floored she is devastated by the loss of her life as she knows it and she wonders how she is going to cope.

While Julia began to become more focussed on her material wealth Michael seems to yearn for a more spiritual, closer life with Julia.   Julia is fazed by this - she cannot understand the new Michael and this becomes the focus of this story with its surprising ending.

Like the Opposite of Me this book was intriguing and made for good reading. You never knew what the book was going to throw up at you and you did not know which way the story was going to turn. Nice reading this one.

On a non book note, we are right now drilling for water in our property. The drought has made us realize that we have to look at long term solutions and not depend on the streams which surround the property and are very picturesque but which unfortunately dry up! The geologist is very optimistic so we are hoping for good news today.

This is the house and surroundings which in the picture look so green - a bit frayed around the edges right now so hopefully the rains will come soon!


  1. I also enjoyed this novel.
    I hope the geologist is correct!

  2. I hope you got good news and found water. Your porch would be a great place to curl up and read a book!

    This book sounds like one I need to read. I have heard good things about it.

  3. I hope you're able to find water! I love the premise of this novel. Sounds fascinating!

  4. I've heard quite a bit about this book but never really checked it out before. It sounds very intriguing.