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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Review - Mary Moody's LAST TANGO IN TOULOUSE

This was the only book I actually bought from Melbourne when I was there on my last visit. I like memoirs of most kinds and this one combined the continent of Australia with that of France. It was also written by someone more or less the same age as me and I could empathize with her throughout the book!

Mary Moody decides to run away (even temporarily) from husband, home and family to make an independent life for herself in rural France.  I loved the fact that she was able to turn her life around (true everyone else was not happy!) but she did what she wanted to do. Everyone cannot/neither do they have the courage to do what Mary Moody did. She gave up her original career in TV and began to write. She persuaded her husband to sell the family home and move state, she went to live in this small idyllic village and ended up buying an idyllic house where she lived for six months of the year.

I think lots of women feel that they would just love to break free and make a niche for oneself somewhere else - free from the responsibilities and ties that bind. Of course not everyone but some! It seems also a dream to be able to do what Mary did - but she definitely did and how!

On top of it all Mary had an affair and the repercussions of this spoken of very frankly - on her husband and her family were beautifully told.

I understand that this is not Mary's only book and it will be on my list for my next visit to Melbourne.
On another note after four days of no internet have just returned home to books in the mail (book wins) an ecstatic dog and the unbearable heat of Colombo.

Rozella was cool, calm and relaxed - we finished our harvest of chillies. These are really, really hot ones and even handling them is tricky!

The beans are all over and we have gone back to the yellow zucchini which was very popular. Lots of traders had not seen this before but once they tried it, they liked it very much. I do hope it will work out well.


  1. What are these chillies called? They look so innocent in the photo. I would never have known that, as you say, they are really, really hot. Thanks for the photo!

  2. The book looks good and yum to the beans!