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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Review - Half aCrown - Jo Walton

Another read towards this challenge!

I heard a new version for describing this book which suits it perfectly An alternate history! the final book of the Farthing triology I would say it has been my best reads for 2012 - true we are just two months in but it was very good reading simply because it was so quite fantastic that it could also have been very true. Something like a Margaret Atwood where you think about it and think yes that is quite possible or the last P D James I read (so unlike the normal ones!!!) that you start out being skeptical and end up thinking yes that could happen.

1960 and Inspector Carmichael is now head of the Watch - the purpose seemingly to keep a control on all trouble makers, but mainly the idea is to get rid of, suppress and eliminate Jews in England. Carmichael is an unusual policeman, but the authorities have got him over a barrel on account of his homosexuality which they have no compunction in using when they want him to do exactly as they wish. They have done this before and will have no hesitation in using this again.

The other character in this story is Elvira - she may be innocent and straight forward but she is smart and she knows exactly what she is looking at. Though at the beginning Elvira is just fascinated by the politics and the excitement of rallies, she begins to see the slow slide into a totalitarian dictatorship and how easily one can turn from the victor into the vanquished. Elvira may have started out shallow in this book but her inner decency and moral courage stands out in the end.

This was a book which kept me up reading to the end. You had to know what actually happened to Elvira to Carmichael and to the others who were part of the story. Not a particularly happy tale of course - nothing so violent could ever be but it certainly opens ones eyes to what if...........

On a non blogging note I am off for four days to Rozella (plans still a bit shaky but there is no internet so no posts!). The dogs are alone and I have said I will dog sit.

For two such big dogs and they are big, they are rather timid. It is only their size that intimidates strangers but  two milder dogs you couldn't find.


Leeswammes (Judith) said...

Sounds like a very nice read. I've read Among Others by Jo Walton and have been curious to find out about her other books. This is very different but I think I'd like to read it.

Shelleyrae said...

What beautiful dogs!

Shelleyrae @ Book'd Out

Anna said...

I definitely want to read this trilogy at some point. Glad to see you enjoyed them so much!