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Friday, November 4, 2011


I like the fan fiction of Jane Austen sequels. This was a win from Natalie. Thanks Natalie.

This story starts at the stage where Elizabeth receives Jane's letter informing her of Lydia's elopement. A tragic moment in Elizabeth's life where she thinks that Darcy will not want to have anything to do with the entire Bennet family. This does not happen. Darcy on the other hand re-affirms his feelings for Elizabeth and vows to help in whatever way he can.  To reiterate this he wants Elizabeth to continue her relationship via letters with his sister so that by proxy he will be able to both receive and obtain news from Longbourn which otherwise would be denied him. Despite all this upto this stage in the story Elizabeth has not given Darcy a definite word as to her decision and this keeping him on tenterhooks was a bit questionable for me.
A man who has stood by her and her family, declaring his feelings over and over again, she herself not in doubt about her attraction and feelings for him and still wanting to wait to give a decision because she has only had a dozen conversations with him. She was never going to have more than that anyway unless she connived and lied her way - and this was anyway not in character with her.

The blossoming relationship between Georgiana and Elizabeth is given a prominence not found in the original novel and Georgiana coming over to stay prior to Jane's wedding and getting on famously with Kitty and Maria was also different. Giddy Kitty and pedantic Maria were I thought out of place with Georgiana who was a quiet, shy girl.Not so in this book - difficult for die hard Janeites to accept but not insurmountable!!!

Lots of romance and a happy ending. Yes - a light variation of the well loved P&P.


  1. I'm glad you enjoyed this book overall. I thought it was a fun variation.