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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Review M C Beaton - There goes the Bride

Agatha Raisin has been popping up in book blogs for quite some time and I had never been able to get one of her books. This week at the Carnegie library whilst going through my TBR lists I discovered that her books are available!

Agatha who owns and runs a detective agency along with Toni, Paul and Phil and other assorted characters (all reaaaallll characters!) lives in a village somewhat similar to Midsomer village. Lots of murders amongst the most unlikely folk. I presume a typical English village with vicars and pubs, corner shops, and village gossip. A very interesting mix.

Add to this one rich family who aspire to the manor born (absolutely working class), a nymphomaniac daughter, a combination of people smuggling Frenchmen, a touch of Spain and
of course the Chinese who are being smuggled in. This is one side of this story. The bride comes
in - in the form of Felicity who gets murdered a couple of minutes before saying I do and the main suspects are Agatha who just incidentally happens to be the ex wife of the groom!

This is a simple book which would be ideal to while away an afternoon - right now with it being so chilly it provided an afternoon's entertainment with a nice hot cup of tea. The characters are quirky - Agatha apart from being the top detective is so lonely that she is trying to find a partner through a dating agency with dire results - but these are all side shoots as it were to the main murder mystery.

The book was a short read of just 276 pages - my first read of Agatha but wont be my last.


  1. This must be her latest book. I have had a lot of fun reading this series. Agatha is quirky in all the books.

  2. Sheeer brain candy! I love this series, it's a perfect escape read. Try the Quiche of Death if you can get it.

  3. Must look out for these - always looking for new things to read! Thanks for stopping by the blog, appreciate it ;-)

    Ali Cross

  4. This is a series I know I would like but haven't found the time to start. Looks good :)

  5. Isn't she fun~! I also really like the other series she writes - Hamish McBeth. They all start with Death of a ... I listen to them on my MP3.